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Droplit: God-mode for the IoT

Droplit gives you the tools to focus on building experiences that customers want, without all the infrastructure kerfuffles. Launch new products or improve existing deployments today.
Droplit is moving-- we can't wait to let you control the lights in our new offices
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Instantly Control Devices in Our Office

Login to our office demo account and control devices on a live feed. Everything can be done on the portal, command line, or direct API calls.

LIVE feed of Droplit HQ:

1. Open in a new window
   (login: demo, demo)

2. Select Environment "Office Production Pi 3"

3. Start controlling in the Devices tab
   (hint: start with BinarySwitch)

launch your own

Launch your own platform at ludicrous speed

Launch your own customizable platform with Droplit in minutes on your computer, Raspberry Pi, or production device.

  • SDKs for real-time control at the edge
  • Device access through 3rd party clouds
  • A REST API for control and orchestration
  • Webhooks for unfettered data access
  • Websockets for real-time apps
  • FREE integrations with the best-in-class smart products
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Out of the Box Support

Take instant control of multiple connected devices and incorporate them into your customer experiences. Create plugins for anything with our open source edge SDK.






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