Rich API Control for Connected Devices

Droplit hands your team all the software layers you need to connect devices to applications, allowing you to focus on delivering unique customer experiences instead of getting mired in infrastructure. 

Model a device based on it’s capabilities.
model IoT devices
Control with a powerful REST API.
control IoT devices
connect IoT devices
Connect any device, regardless of protocol.
integrate IoT devices
Build new user experiences on rich device integrations.

Better than “End-to-End”

Portal and CLI tools

The Droplit portal gets you started designing connected devices immediately. Gain real-time visibility to what your devices are doing all the time. Droplit’s powerful command line tools let you control or script anything the API can do.

IoT platform portal

Invincible Applications

Droplit abstracts away the complexity of working with different vendors
and standards so your application can be flexible as you grow.

IoT device integration

Cross-Platform Apps

Launching a new product? Droplit’s ready-made apps save you the time and expense of developing your own for early users. Lightly customizable and fully white-labeled, you can use them as long as you need them.

IoT application

Start Building at ‘Almost Done’

APIs crafted to be powerful, yet flexible enough to stay out of the way. Developers will feel right at home.

droplit.devices.setServiceProperty(                   'D5828c46b306cc34c2c071ef0',         'BinarySwitch.switch',
        {value: 'on'}
    ).then((result) => {    
    switch (result.status) {        
        case 200:            
            console.log(`Service property set.`);                 break;    
BinarySwitch.switch -X PUT -d {"value":"on"}
-H "Content-Type: application/json"
-H "authorization: {YOUR_AUTH_TOKEN}"
services/BinarySwitch.switch HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json
authorization: {YOUR_AUTH_TOKEN}

droplit device set D5828c46b306cc34c2c071ef0 BinarySwitch.switch on
"If you can program to each device and to the edge, with common APIs and common interface to the network, think what this is going to change."
John Chambers, Chairman, Cisco Systems

Your Interface for the IoT

Make the most of your 24/7 connection with your customers. Design and deliver unforgettable experiences with our best-in-class product integrations.

IoT cloud platform

Cloud enable

Deploy our edge SDK to devices in the field to enable real-time interactions with other devices.

IoT embedded platform

Embed control

Launch a pre-fab hub to access more integrations to create more experiences and get the most data.

Out of the Box Support

Take instant control of multiple connected devices and incorporate them into your customer experiences. Create plugins for anything with our open source edge SDK.






Dev boards

The IoT in 5 APIs

Everything you need to launch: REST and webhooks for the backend, websockets for the frontend, and an SDK to embed in devices and hubs for direct control.
end to end IoT platform
open IoT platform
Open and Affordable

Pricing that never gets too big, even if you do.

Easy IoT platform
Easy to Learn

A language you know, without the buzzwords.

Secure IoT platform
Secure and Scalable

Architected and built by security experts.

Launch your Internet of Anything

Learn the fundamentals of Droplit in minutes.
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Martin Forest, CTO, BeON Home

Launch at Ludicrous Speed

Get started now delivering amazing customer experiences
free IoT platform


Use our open platform to prototype your product with virtually no restrictions.

IoT beta testing


Validate your assumptions with minimal risk by beta testing with Droplit.

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